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Setup payment methods

Yavin : Configure credit card payments with a bank TPE

Yavin payment terminals allow you to collect sales by credit card. These terminals are CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express compatible and accept contact and contactless payments. You are free to use the Yavin payment contract or your bank's contract.
The terminal can be controlled by our software via the Yavin Cloud gateway using the Wi-Fi connection (configuration 1 tablet + 1 Yavin terminal), it is also possible to use our application directly on the Yavin terminal. When payment with a Yavin terminal is activated, a payment button on the interface will allow you to initiate payment on the Yavin terminal.
The software will automatically communicate to the terminal the amount to be cashed.
In the same way, cancellations are made using a button provided for this purpose in the interface. Our software will then receive the payment notification in order to record the result of the operation.
You can configure Yavin on the Config page, General options, Payment methods.

Integration using Yavin Cloud
This method allows you to control your Yavin terminal on the go by using the Internet network to communicate with the terminal. Ticket printing on the terminal is not available with this integration. You will need to provide your secret key as well as your terminal identifier in order to configure the integration. Your secret key can be found in your Yavin admin interface ( ), while that the terminal identifier can be obtained in the Yavin Pay application (on the terminal, Settings menu, About, Serial number). Yavin Cloud API must be enabled in Yavin Pay app settings.

Integration using terminal only
It is possible to install directly on your Yavin terminal, to do this, simply install it from the store, no configuration is necessary.

Go to, to get your CB payment terminal .

Obtain a CB Yavin payment terminal

Setting up credit card payments with SumUp

The amount to be paid is automatically transfered from our software to the payment device, you just have to insert the customer's credit card andlet him type his PIN code (if necessary).
In order to set up SumUp payment on Android or iOs, you just need to install our application from the playstore or the App store, then install SumUp application. The software will detect SumUp and add new action buttons.
The success or failure of the transaction will also be automatically transfered to the software.

1.75% SumUp fees

Open SumUp account

Set up direct debit payments with GoCardless

GoCardless allows you to withdraw money from your customers' bank accounts.
Once the direct debit mandate has been created, the customer no longer has to intervene in the payment process.
When registering, customers must complete a direct debit mandate, with their RIB number, then the software can directly debit the customer's bank account.
In order to set up this payment method, you must first have a GoCardless account.

Create a GoCardless account
In this software, on the Config, General Options, Payment page, activate the ‚ÄúGoCardless Payment‚ÄĚ option, indicate if your account is a sandbox account (the sandbox account allows fictitious operations to be carried out, it requires opening a gocardless account in sandbox mode at this address: ), then use the GocardLess button to connect your GocardLess account to the software.
Once this step is completed, the configuration is complete.
A new action button is automatically added to the interface, entitled "GoCardless", and allows you to trigger a payment with GoCardless.
By using this action button, payment for the current order amount is automatically sent to GoCardless for collection.
If your customer has already entered their direct debit mandate, the amount to be paid will be automatically debited from their account, and no additional steps are necessary. If your customer has not yet completed their direct debit mandate, they will be invited by email to complete the form online (this takes 2 minutes to complete). GoCardless will send emails to notify the customer of the implementation of a debit on their account. If the order is then canceled, or refunded, the software then automatically cancels the direct debit, and the customer is not debited.
It is possible by going through the Config, Customers page, then selecting a customer receivable, to pay for multiple orders in one go, with GoCardless.
2% transaction fees + 20cts

Setup smartphone payments with Lydia

Lydia is the best solution if you want to save time !
When processing payment, in a single clic, you can ask for the payment of the right amount on your client's smartphone.
Your client only needs then to accept or refuse the payment.
No physical contact is necessary, not even the physical presence of your client !
You can then record the order of your client and ask for payment in advance and your client only needs to accept the payment on his way to get the product.
How to setup Lydia payment solution ?From the Setup page, General options, Payment, you can enable the option "Lydia payment".
This will make new options appear and a button in order to ask for an account creation on Lydia.
This button will use the email, address, phone number you provided in the software in order to ask Lydia to create an account for you.
Lydia will then send an email to you containing the following instructions in order to activate your account.
Using this button will give you private and public tokens that are automatically filled into the setup options, just save in order to keep this information.
If you already have a Lydia account, you just need to fill in the private and public tokens that have been emailed to you.
When the private and public tokens are saved, this will add two actions on the main cash register layout :
- during an order you can use the "Lydia payment" button in order to ask the client to pay the amount of the order on his smartphone (user must have installed Lydia app)
- "Lydia refund" action lets you make a refund to a client. The money will be automatically sent to the client on his smartphone.
Fees are 10cts + 1.5% Lydia
More information : Lydia smartphone payment

pago con tarjeta de crédito de PayPal

Your Paypal account will then be usable in the cash register interface and in the online shop.In the online shop your customers can enter their credit card number to proceed to the online payment of their order.In the cash register interface, you will need to enter the credit card number to make the payment.

Para ello, debe tener derechos de administrador.
Para que el pago por Paypal activa, debe tener una cuenta de PayPal.
Una vez que su cuenta de paypal disponibles, vaya a la página "Configuración> Shop" e introduzca su ID de cuenta de comerciante (en PayPal, vaya a "Preferencias"> "Más opciones".
Una vez que su ID de cuenta registrada, una nueva forma de pago est√° disponible en el teclado.
Si desea recibir notificaciones de pago, por favor, póngase en contacto con nuestro servicio al cliente.

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